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Duration and Fees

Initial 15-minute consultation

Traditional Diagnosis, analysis of your condition and first treatment
(approx. 90 minutes)
(London: £75)

Subsequent treatments
(45 - 60 minutes)
(London: £55)

If you are a member of Simply Health (formerly HSA), you may be able to claim a proportion of your family's fees for acupuncture treatment according to your savings plan.

Other health insurance plans may also cover the cost of your acupuncture treatment - please confirm with your provider.

Special Offers

Book and pay in advance for a course of 6 treatments and get your 6th treatment free.

Refer a friend for acupuncture treatment with Shereen and they will be entitled to an initial diagnosis for the price of a regular treatment. And, as a thank you for their booking, you will get your subsequent treatment half price!

Acupuncture for All

Shereen believes that everyone should be able to benefit from acupuncture. So, depending on individual circumstances, her fees are negotiable. If you would like to discuss fees, please contact Shereen.

Other Important Points to Note

Payment by cash or cheque only.

If you are unable to make your appointment, please provide at least 24 hours' notice, or a cancellation charge will be made.

It is important that you advise Shereen of any medical conditions (e.g. epilepsy, allergic reactions, diabetes, high blood pressure etc) that you have, and give her details of any medication or other treatments you are receiving. Towards the end of your initial consultation, Shereen will explain what she plans to do, including where she will be inserting needles. Please ensure that you are happy with her explanation and that you are happy to consent to the treatment before she proceeds. It's fine to ask questions!

Please ensure that you have recently eaten when you arrive for your treatment, and refrain from strenuous activities and from drinking alcohol immediately after your treatment.

To speak to Shereen about acupuncture in Guildford and Bookham, Surrey; and Waterloo, London call 0777 333 2864
click here to send her an email.